وَاللَّهُ خَيْرُ الرَّازِقِينَ
About us

Having 34 Years Experience

RGK transports were established in 1977 by Mohammad Amin Arain and since then RGK is providing the best and qualified carrier and logistics services in different parts of the globe without disappointing any of their customers. Mohammad Amin Arain was an experienced professional who has worked hard to build RGK from scratch and successfully made an amazing reputation in the market and is now known as one of the experts of this industry. Now, his 3 young sons are also handling RGK movers and packers very effectively and efficiently just like his father, and have been great in growing his business perfectly in the market without letting any of the competitors replace them.

Domestic Shifting – We provide top quality services that take into account the specific needs of our clients. We provide transportation, moving, packing, and unpacking services to our customers who want to travel to any destination in Pakistan.

Local Shifting – Name of our Company mentioned in the directory of reliable relocation and packing companies. We guarantee the services of shifting your possessions locally or across Pakistan.

Office Relocation – We offer an extensive range of office relocation, equipment packing, and moving coordination services as per your requirements.

International Moving – RGK Movers has built relationships with many international movers and will take care of all your global moving needs to various locations worldwide.

Goods Transport – RGK Movers is a reliable goods transport service providing safe and secure transportation via our extensive network of vehicles spread across Pakistan.

Movers and Packers

What We Offer

The above-mentioned services are the most accessible services of RGK. All these services are performed by our company’s best and experienced and professional employees who never give any chance to customers for disappointment. Moreover, the prices we offer are also very reasonable and extremely easy for our customers to afford without compromising a large amount of money.

We Will Create Your Dream Home

Looking for quality Moving!

Mohammad Rizwan Arain and Mohammad  Kamran Arain successfully running the business following his father’s footsteps without damaging the brand’s reputation and giving any chance to the rivals which they can use against RGK.  Mohammad Amin Arain’s third and last son Mohammad Ghufran Arain started running RGK in 2011 and have been implemented various new techniques to be more efficient in his field and starting implementing modern technology and digitalized the business (introduced social media platform) and made RGK an IT-oriented business which helps RGK movers and packers to be one of the best and unique service provider in this much competitive market and has always given a quite tough time to all the rivals. Customers are really happy and satisfied with the way RGK movers and packers are providing the best services according to their needs and wants even exceeding those expectations which makes customers come back to RGK only.

As we all know that every passing time the needs and wants of people are also changing so businesses need to learn and implement all those new tips and techniques which makes them distinguish in the market and keeps your customers satisfied.

RGK movers and packers are providing the best and extremely affordable rates for different services which is also a plus point for customers to choose RGK only. We believe in making the lives of our customers easy and luxurious without making them spend a hefty amount of money, so every type of customer can afford us and doesn’t have to compromise on anything.


With every one of our shipments, we attempt to up our game in the business by centering and working on the general nature of our services offered to our clients.


At the point when you call, we answer! We offer one contact individual that handles all your matters. In our association, you will consistently be treated as a member of RGK  and we deal with your particular necessities.


RGK regards her clients as a family and figures out how to manage their products cautiously. We have confidence in taking care of business at the objective at the earliest opportunity.

How to contact us?

RGK valuable clients can reach us through calling on the given number, leaving an email on the below-given email address or you can come directly to our office which is in Karachi and also in other metropolitan cities.